Source code for mc3

# Copyright (c) 2015-2019 Patricio Cubillos and contributors.
# MC3 is open-source software under the MIT license (see LICENSE).

from .sampler_driver import *
from .fit_driver import *
from . import plots
from . import utils
from . import stats
from . import rednoise
from .VERSION import __version__

# Remove by 01.08.2020:
[docs]@utils.ignore_system_exit def mcmc(*args, **kwargs): """This function has been deprecated. Use mc3.sample() instead.""" with utils.Log() as log: log.error('mcmc() function is deprecated. Use mc3.sample() instead.') return
__all__ = ( sampler_driver.__all__ + fit_driver.__all__ + ['mcmc'] + ['plots', 'utils', 'stats', 'rednoise'] ) # Clean up top-level namespace--delete everything that isn't in __all__ # or is a magic attribute, and that isn't a submodule of this package for varname in dir(): if not ((varname.startswith('__') and varname.endswith('__')) or varname in __all__): del locals()[varname] del(varname)