Source code for mc3.rednoise.time_averaging

# Copyright (c) 2015-2019 Patricio Cubillos and contributors.
# MC3 is open-source software under the MIT license (see LICENSE).

__all__ = ['binrms']

import sys

import numpy as np

from .. import utils as mu
from .. import stats as ms

# DEPRECATED: remove by summer 2020
[docs]def binrms(data, maxbins=None, binstep=1): """ Compute the binned root-mean-square and extrapolated Gaussian-noise RMS for a dataset. This function has been deprecated. Use mc3.stats.time_avg() instead. """ with mu.Log() as log: log.warning('Deprecation warning: mc3.rednoise.binrms() moved to ' 'mc3.stats.time_avg().') return ms.time_avg(data, maxbins, binstep)